Westerly Community Credit Union

Operations Manager



Responsible for Operations Department management from a day to day perspective and for contributions to the formulation, development, implementation, and administration of Credit Union policies and business goals.  Assists in planning, directing, and documentation for all Operations functions records.  Ensures the quality control and verification of Credit Union communications, data processing, and reporting.  Assists in developing policies, procedures, and training to ensure efficient and effective operations.  Supervises and appraises the activities of subordinates and ensures that all services are professionally delivered and members are well served. 

General Information
Location  4979 Tower Hill Road
Wakefield, RI 02879
United States
Employee Type  Exempt
Manage Others  Yes



1.             Assists in the responsibility for the development and implementation of effective Operations planning.


a.             Assists Senior Management with long and short-term Credit Union planning.

b.             Executes established goals and ensures that corporate-wide plans are complemented and supported.

c.             Assists in the development and implementation of Operations plans, policies, and goals that further strategic objectives.


2.             Assumes responsibility for ensuring effective and efficient operations within the department.


a.             Ensures that Operations services are delivered in accordance with established Credit Union standards, policies, and procedures.

b.             Ensures that the quality and integrity of Operations programs and services are maintained.

c.             Conducts periodic reviews of existing systems, products, and procedures.  Provides recommendations regarding improvements in service delivery,  processes, and equipment needs which will further the Credit Union's objectives.

d.             Ensures that applicable laws and regulations are strictly adhered to.

e.             Evaluates the Operations Department’s effectiveness through analyses of Department activity, on-site inspections, and other measurable criteria. 


3.             Helps to ensure that all quality control functions are properly maintained, including the integrity of records, database information, software, and the validation of data processing products and processes.


a.               Assists departments in developing quality control standards and processes and ensures that quality control activities are effective and in accordance with established standards.
b.               Oversees the quality control of member statements and communications.  Reviews statement processing, operational activities, and year end reporting including Escheat and Tax processing.
c.               Ensures the accuracy, integrity and availability of internal and external eService systems.
Ensures the accuracy, integrity and availability of internal and external card and electronic payment systems.
d.             Directs quality control processes for product testing, ATMs, PC access, system questions, out-of-balance reports, and other systems as appropriate.
e.             Ensures that all systems are brought up to date in accordance with established deadlines related to compliance or otherwise.


4.             Effectively supervises personnel, ensuring optimal performance.


a.             Provides leadership to Operations personnel through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication. Conducts staff meetings as required.  Directs, schedules, and coordinates Department functions.

b.             Ensures that personnel are well trained, effective, and optimally used.  Instructs personnel regularly regarding policy, procedure, and program changes.

c.             Conducts performance appraisals as required.  Formulates and implements corrective actions as needed.  Recommends changes in the status of Operations personnel, including promotions, transfers, and salary adjustments.

d.             Ensures that staffing levels are appropriate and that human resources are effectively utilized.  Conducts interviews and assists with hiring personnel as needed.

e.             Reviews and ensures the maintenance and accuracy of position descriptions and salary structures.

f.              Assists and supports Operations personnel as needed.


5.             Assumes responsibility for ensuring that professional business relationships are established and maintained with members, vendors, the business community, and trade organizations.


a.             Ensures that the Credit Union's professional reputation is maintained throughout the organization and the community.

b.             Ensures that requests, needs, and questions are promptly resolved. 

c.             Monitors service delivery and ensures excellence in service levels.


6.             Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.


a.             Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.

b.             Stays informed of trends and changes in the Operations field.

c.             Completes special projects as assigned.




Education/Certification:                College degree in business or related field or equivalent experience.


Required Knowledge:                       Knowledge of check processing, purchasing, facilities, records, security, and quality control procedures and programs.

                                                         Understanding of related legal and regulatory requirements.

                                                         Knowledge of Credit Union products and services.


Experience Required:                        Prior Credit Union or other financial institution experience.


Skills/Abilities:                                   Excellent communication, interpersonal, and supervisory abilities.

                                                           Strong project management skills.

                                                           Solid leadership abilities.

                                                            Well organized.